FARMLAND ladies save landmark

Good morning, gang … how ’bout that Super Bowl? Not a bad deal all around, even though (with the possible exception of the MONSTERS VS. ALIENS teaser in 3-D) Hollywood wasn’t able to offer up a single compelling commercial to air during the entire broadcast. G.I. JOE? Stale. YEAR ZERO? Yawn. FAST & FURIOUS? Vin, we hardly even knew ye. And what the hell was that not-funny SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE sketch doing in there as a de facto Pepsi plug? Poser.

This is why I’d like you to lose all memories of those MacGuffins and look inward to the Midwest for a potential treat that I’m certain none of you will see coming. Unless, of course, you already happened to see the preview article in The Pantagraph, which has run its fair share of interesting film-related items as of late. Playing tonight, Tuesday, February 3, and tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 4, is THE COURTHOUSE GIRLS OF FARMLAND, which documents a CALENDAR GIRLS style effort by several young lasses in their Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties to raise money and save the eponymous courthouse in their central Indiana community of 1,400.

According to the article, several of the Girls plan to make the road trip over to the Normal Theater, 209 North St., Normal, IL, for tonight’s screening. If they’ve got the gumption then so should you, my dear little whippersnappers. Show time is 7 p.m. both evenings.

~ Jason Pankoke

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