CUBlog to take CUBreak ’til Feb.

Dearest readers,

We’re going to turn down the lights and shut the front door of the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters for a few months so your humble editor can focus on life maintenance needs and take steps to solve personal cash flow problems. Given the surprise health issues dogging Ma JaPan the past two weeks, I’d also like to give my family as much undivided attention as possible during these holidays.

I have been writing, posting, updating, and promoting C-U Blogfidential and C-U Confidential for your information and entertainment just a hair longer than two-thirds of a decade (roughly 6¾ years), so I congenially submit that allowing myself a breather has been a long time in coming. I hope you can empathize with this decision; remember that the labor in “labor of love” has a way of catching up with those who bear the brunt, whether or not we like to admit it.

CUBlog does have one final fall Calendar for you this afternoon as well as a pseudo-timely anecdote by yours truly coming next week. We might even debut fresh banner art to give the current Mystery Foursome above a recess. CUBlog will then go silent until the week of Monday, February 25, 2013, when we’ll resume with our annual “In My Backyard” essay and a new Double Life of a Cinéaste” column by Tyler Tharpe, followed quickly by an overloaded Calendar and large-size “C-U Film Leader” entry.

If we post anything in the interim, it will be announcements regarding the next New Art Film Festival or issue 7 of CUZine. Scroll down right now if you’re reading this between December and February to see whether current posts await you, and make sure you’re on our Facebook or Mailing List in case we lob sporadic thought bombs through those channels.

Please enjoy a splendid Christmas season, friends!

Yours in Confidential culture,

Jason Pankoke
C-U Blogfidential

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