IOW: THERAPY food for naught

Having shown a teaser for it at the New Art Film Festival, we can finally view and also share with you the finished short film DEAD THERAPY, a creepy tale that fans of both the cerebral (THE TWILIGHT ZONE) and grand guignol (TALES FROM THE CRYPT) might enjoy. Filmed in Danville by Champaign-Urbana writer and director Jeff Kacmarynski, this Vision Test Production stars Julia Megan Sullivan as Natalie, one of many survivors scattered across the country due to an unspecified outbreak. She reluctantly arranges with her boss Hannah (Debbie Richardson) to attend a support meeting led by Ben (Joel Higgins). There, various outcasts tell of horrors witnessed during a dire six-week period called the Resurrection, after which Natalie reveals how this plague decimated her own family. Viewers might guess that not everything crucial is spilled during the meeting, but who are we to spill more? Julie Anne Volkamer, Jeff McGill, Sarah Heier, Jace Jamisons, and today’s birthday lady Cara Maruizi also appear as survivors. Thomas Nicol and Andrew Stengele helped tomorrow’s birthday boy Kacmarynski produce the film, which was shot by Lucas Miller.

After completing your first DEAD THERAPY session, learn more about Kacmarynski’s projects at his personal Web site and check out this interview with him, recorded earlier this year at the R.I.P. Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles where the DEAD THERAPY script earned an award.

~ Jason Pankoke

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