NAFF IX to haunt All Hallows’ Eve


Hardly the horror show one might imagine when one thinks “local film,” the annual New Art Film Festival proves without a doubt that storytelling with full-motion media is here to stay in the hands of the people! We always trust each and every person attending the NAFF at the Art Theater in downtown Champaign to open their minds and shelve Hollywood-shaped notions of what constitutes “good viewing” when seeing our movies projected large on the silver screen; this is not the average citizen’s movie diet and that’s the way us persnickety provocateurs at the Secret MICRO-FILM Headquarters like it. Therefore, we are proud to announce the NAFF will return yet again to the Art for a ninth excursion into the self-made cinema that is indigenous to Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond, so we have to accumulate the best of your best to put together our next program! Please find below the official press release for our Call for Entries period, now in full swing as of this past Wednesday, July 11, and refer to the official NAFF Web site for our history to best understand whether it may be a good fit for your flicks. We have accelerated our deadlines this year: Call for Entries will close after Friday, August 31, schedule will be released by Monday, October 1, and the NAFF will welcome back its fans to 126 W. Church St. on Tuesday, October 30, for a jam-packed, prime-time event. Special thanks go out to our new Art contact for the NAFF, Jessie Seitz, for helping us square away the basics. Thrill us with your films, dearest C-U!

~ Jason Pankoke




New Art Film Festival solicits entries for 2018 showcase, debuts streaming channels

(Champaign, Illinois) July 9, 2018: In association with the Art Theater of Champaign, Illinois, the New Art Film Festival will once again curate narrative media created by area producers to be shown on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, in a free show for the general public. Their call for entries begins Wednesday, July 11, and ends after Friday, August 31. Creators from the greater downstate Illinois region and central Midwest may send in their works to be considered for this event, organized and emceed by Jason Pankoke of C-U Confidential.

Entrants should write the NAFF at NewArtFilmFestivalCU [at] gmail [dot] com and include functional link(s) to on-line screener(s), password(s) to access the same, and the following: Year of Production, Running Time, Name of Director(s)/Producer(s)/Writer(s), Names of Primary Cast Members, Name of Production Company(ies), Plot Synopsis, Filmmaker Biography(ies), and Print Source (i.e., Contact Information we can share with the public).

Entries on non-returnable DVD or flash drive (not Blu-ray) may be delivered to The Art Theater, 126 W. Church St., Champaign, IL, 61820, attn.: New Art Film Festival 2018 c/o Jason Pankoke, with the above information included as hard copy or electronic document; sending an e-mail of the same information to the NAFF is also acceptable. There is no fee to enter films and run times should last no longer than 20 minutes. All narrative genres are welcome as well as formats including: short subjects, Webisodes, music videos, trailers, and excerpts from long-form pieces. Entries should be productions from within the last three years.

Final selections will be announced by Monday, October 1, 2018. Until then, filmmakers and others can find detailed information about the festival at such as rundowns of previous events. Brand new this year is a complementary pair of NAFF accounts on YouTube and Vimeo that showcase past selections to provide a first-hand feel for the milieu supported by the festival. The YouTube channel can be viewed here and the Vimeo collection can be enjoyed at

NAFF is presented by the Art Theater and C-U Confidential. Other sponsors will be announced prior to the event date.



Jason Pankoke
Program Director, New Art Film Festival
newartfilmfestivalcu [at] gmail [dot] com

Jessie Seitz
Special Events Coordinator, The Art Theater
jessie [at] thearttheater [dot] org




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