Pardon our digital dust… #4

Context is finally blooming here at C-U Blogfidential! Continuing on from the introductory “Opening Dialogue,” your humble editor has added short essays at “Personalities du C-U,” “Photoplays du C-U,” “Potpourri du C-U,” and “Preservation du C-U” that will provide you additional insight into why we’re doing what we’re doing. They will also prepare you for the eventual posting of synopses, biographies, and trivia that will lend credence to their claims, beginning this summer.

Later this week, we will also announce some very important updates that involve C-U Confidential #2 and the rumored C-U Confidential DVD. What’s stopping you from visiting “General Information” to join our mailing list so you’re one of the first in the know?

And finally … has anybody noticed the volcanic eruption of activity over at the MICRO-FILM News Blog lately?

~ Jason Pankoke

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