Help CUZine no. 5 come alive!

This announcement will remain at the head of C-U Blogfidential until further notice. Please scroll down for the most recent posts!

It’s that time again, all you artistic media makers, movers, and shakers of Champaign, Urbana, and the cities beyond! Updated advertising rates have been posted for the fifth stupendous issue of C-U Confidential digest, our physical wrap-up of that which we cover year-round on C-U Blogfidential. Please review shortly because the dynamics are changing somewhat with this issue, partly prompted by the scheduling of the Boneyard Arts Festival showcase which saturates Champaign County every April. This year, it takes place a full three weeks before Roger Ebert’s Film Festival. We always have our work cut out for us to get CUZine ship-shape in time for the big guy’s event, so how do we also represent at Boneyard – especially with the New Art Film Festival returning?

First, we’re finally expanding CUZine to 48 pages – a count we’ve wanted to hit since the first issue – allowing for additional ads, more feature material, and a new column that will highlight local movie exhibition: the theaters, the video stores, the special events, the local premieres! Unless we have a surprise windfall of ad bookings, we will cut down on the print run to compensate for the added pages. We also are soliciting fixed-rate advertising for a “pull out” section of CUZine 5 that will first appear for free during the NAFF and Boneyard! This full-color extra will celebrate five years of CUBlog activity, preview the long-awaited PRESS START 2 CONTINUE, and provide our community with its first ever full-blown “filmography.” What does that entail? You’ll have to pick it up in April to find out!

Since we’re dropping the total amount of CUZine copies, we decided to reduce our rates since it’s only fair. For those interested in placing messages in both CUZine 5 and the “pull out” section, you can nab a space in the latter for a $15.00 discount when you order space in the former at the same time! This offer will last until Monday, March 14, 5 p.m. CST and applies to CUZine ad purchases of the Quarter Page black-and-white rate or greater! The final booking deadline for CUZine only is Monday, April 4, 5 p.m. CST, so don’t delay! And finally, the back cover spot has already been claimed by an early bird. Thanks!

If you don’t have the budget to advertise this year, please be friends and pass this information along to those who might partake. Another way you can chip in is to entertain our back issue discount sale on all existing CUZine and MICRO-FILM issues, extended until Friday, April 1. The date is no joke, folks, for we really need to wipe out our deficit shortly even if we sell out of ad space in the new issue and insert; every single penny does count. Please show us the love if you feel our C-U product is worth your while!

~ Jason Pankoke

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